Mountain Magic: Camping Adventures in Bergen’s Alpine Meadows

Norway is actually a land loaded with all-natural magic, from looming mountain tops and serious fjords to cascading waterfalls and north lamps. And there’s no better location to expertise all this compared to Bergen, the gateway towards the fjords. Bergen is known for its wonderful wooden residences and cobbled roads, but it’s also surrounded by spectacular Camping Bergen landscapes that are fantastic for camping outdoors escapades. In this post, we’ll help you get through a few of the amazing places you are able to camping in Bergen and what actions you could do while there.

Trolltunga – Trolltunga is probably the most popular increases in Norway and it’s only a few hours’ push far from Bergen. The hike is demanding, but once you get to the top, you’ll be rewarded with an outstanding take a look at the fjords below. There are various campsites as you go along where you can pitch your tent and sleep before continuous in your quest.

Hardangervidda Federal Recreation area – If you’re seeking a much more remote control camping outdoors encounter, then Hardangervidda Federal Park your car is perfect for you. It’s one of Europe’s biggest mountain plateaus with durable surfaces and stunning sights. You may hike or bike through the park, camp out by way of a lake or river, and also go sport fishing for trout.

Nærøyfjord – Nærøyfjord is just one of Norway’s narrowest fjords and it’s located merely a quick push far from Bergen. You are able to require a ferry down the fjord as well as prevent at various villages as you go along or camping on its shores for an wonderful expertise.

Folgefonna Glacier – Folgefonna Glacier is among one of Norway’s biggest glaciers and yes it offers a exclusive camping experience of an otherworldly scenery. You may hike along with the glacier, explore ice cubes caves, and camp within the in close proximity valleys.

Sognefjord – Sognefjord is Norway’s longest and deepest fjord and it delivers limitless options for camping outdoors activities. You can hike along its shores, kayak on its relax oceans, and even go on a motorboat vacation from the fjord. There are several campsites based in the surrounding locations where you can pitch your tent and like the spectacular views.


Bergen gives among the most spectacular outdoor camping experiences in Norway using its majestic mountain tops, serious fjords, and tough panoramas. Whether or not you’re trying to find a tough hike or perhaps a far off backwoods expertise, there’s some thing for all right here. So load your tent, slumbering travelling bag, and trekking footwear and get ready to explore this organic wonderland!