What will bitcoinhalving bring for cryptocurrencies?

Opinions have always been very divided regarding digital currencies in general and bitcoin in particular, the upcoming event does not escape controversy and different thoughts and opinions, detractors defend their position and those who they are in favor they do the same, both with interesting facts and arguments.

This is the bitcoin halving forecast for May 2020, this event that is predicted based on the history of the cryptocurrency that has already had two divisions in 2012 and 2016, this division what it has done is reduce the number of digital currencies, in this case, bitcoin, available in the market to increase its price, under the premise of increasing interest and making it a scarce commodity.
According to the supply and demand with less availability, the price and interest would tend to grow, that is what those who are in favor and bet on the increase of the oldest and most solid digital currency, meanwhile, those who bet on the fall of the Price they do it by claiming that this will drop prices and that it will not work like the two previous bitcoin halving.
Both scenarios are based on pure speculation because as both positions affirm that every time it has occurred, various factors have intervened that are not always contemplated and can be measured exactly, the fact is that the bitcoin halving 2020 should occur in May and the negative or favorable consequences the bitcoin price will be seen later.
Only at that moment will it be known who was right, but it also presents itself as a great opportunity for those who want to risk investing because if those who see it favorable get the price of the currency, it will rise in considerable proportions, making those who trusted come out truly favored.
The only certainty is that the cryptocurrency is already moving and awakening the interest not only of those who are already accustomed to its fluctuations but also of those who had not dared to start in mining or the possession of the digital currency.